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Costa Blanca's Bargain Properties!
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3 Bed 2 bath Country House : Abanilla
Town: Abanilla
Price:€ 118,000
Bedrooms: 3
This delightful house is set in the village of Canada de la Lena which boasts 2 bar restaurants a church and has a daily bread delivery. The house is has a total area of 163 m2, The property is beautifully presented and offers a great family home. It has 3 double bedrooms, 2 of which have fitted wardrobes, 2 bathrooms, a large lounge dining room with fireplace, a kitchen breakfast room with fitted units and granite worktops which leads through to a utility room with internal courtyard and a door leading into the integral garage which is accessed of the main street It sits on a plot of 263m2 just off the village square. There is a large front terrace with seating and a further garden to the side of the property with a pergola. The property was built to a very high standard around 10 years ago and has been fitted with mosquito nets to all windows, rejas, electric radiators, telephone, internet and UK TV.

6 Bed 4 bath Finca : La Hoya
Town: La Hoya
Price:€ 134,950
Bedrooms: 6
Located in a very quiet lane just off the main road between Dolores and Elche, this property has very easy access to the beach, airport and amenities closeby of a village and the city! A country finca with two separate living areas 1) the main house 4 bedroom 2 bathroom plus 2) the guest apartment 2 bedroom 2 bathroom set on a fenced plot of 2800m2 with private swimming pool 10 x 5m. The plot itself is flat and has two entrances. Separated into different areas, it has a small area for kennels, a shelter/storage area that has been used as stables plus two out-buildings for general storage. The large modern private swimming pool also has a separate childrens pool, a small BBQ area and mini golf area. The main house: this is a property with 4 bedrooms 2 bathrooms (one ensuite). You enter into a bright open kitchen/living area however the property has a separate lounge area with fireplace. In addition to the bedrooms there are two small areas that could be used as a study or library areas. With independent access, the guest apartment: this has been used for rentals as it is in a great location and opens out to the private swimming pool. It is in good condition with large lounge/kitchen area, 2 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms (one is en suite). The current owners have rented this guest annex on both a short and long term basis. In general this property is in good condition and ready to live in however does have areas that need decoration plus it also has scope for modernisation in some places. The gardens need caring for as they have become overgrown. Overall the property It is still "work in progress", however if you are looking to buy a property with a large garden that is less than 10mins drive to the beach and 20mins to the airport, on which you can put your own mark then this is a great opportunity. The property is fully legal plus has mains water, electric and sewage. Alojamiento espacioso, de carácter, cerca de la playa, cerca de la ciudad, zona tranquila, cerca de todas las comodidades, salón comedor, lavadero, varias salas de la tienda, aseo, cocina equipada, baño en suite, cuarto de baño ducha, chimenea, electricidad, agua, agua de pozo, teléfono, gran jardín, jardín maduro, varias terrazas, patio, árboles frutales, entrada de auto, Aparcamiento de carretera, piscina privada, piscina para niños, tv vía satélite, ADSL, buen potencial de alquiler, muy buen acceso, parcialmente amueblado, cerca de escuelas, campo, parcela de nivel, baño completo, cerca de instalaciones médicas, parte renovado, habitaciones separadas, árboles, escritura completa, trabajo cosmético, zona histórica, cerca de Aeropuerto, vistas al campo, cocina americana, Paddock, estilo rústico, propiedad vitalicia geräumige Unterkunft, charaktervolle, nahe Strand, nah an der Stadt, ruhige Lage, nah an allen Annehmlichkeiten, Wohnzimmer, Essbereich, Hauswirtschaftsraum, verschiedene Abstellräume, Gäste-WC, Einbauküche, Bad/WC, Bad Dusche, Kamin, Strom, Wasser, Brunnenwasser, Telefon, großer Garten, Reife Garten, verschiedenen Terrassen, Terrasse, Obstbäume, Einfahrt, Einstellplatz, privater pool, Kinderbecken, Sat-tv, ADSL, Gute Vermietungsmöglichkeit, sehr gute Anbindung, Teilmöbliert, der Nähe von Schulen, Landschaft, ebenem Gartengrundstück, ausgestattetes Badezimmer, der Nähe von medizinischen Einrichtungen, Teil renoviert, separate Gästeunterkunft, Bäume, volle escritura, kosmetische Arbeit erforderlich, Sehenswürdigkeiten, Nähe zum Flughafen, Landschaft Ansichten, offene Küche, Fahrerlager, rustikalen Stil, Eigentums chambres spacieuses, plein de caractère, près de la plage, ville à proximité, endroit calme, proche de toutes commodités, salon salle à manger, buanderie, plusieurs salles de magasin, vestiaire commentaires, cuisine équipée, salle de bain, salle de bains privative, cheminée, Electricité, eau, eau de puits, Téléphone, grand jardin, jardin mature, plusieurs terrasses, patio, arbres fruitiers, allée, hors stationnement route, piscine privée, piscine pour enfants, télévision par satellite, ADSL, Location bonne potentielle, très bon accès, partiellement meublé, écoles à proximité, campagne, au niveau terrain, salle de bain équipée, à proximité des installations médicales, partie rénovée, chambres d'hôtes séparés, arbres, escritura complète, travail cosmétique nécessaire, quartier historique, près de l'aéroport, vue sur la campagne, cuisine ouverte, paddock, style rustique, propriété foncière libre ruime accommodatie, charakter, in de omgeving van strand, dicht bij stad, rustige locatie, dichtbij alle voorzieningen, Lounge eetruimte, bijkeuken, verschillende opslagruimte, gast vestiaire, inbouwkeuken, badkamer, douchekamer, Open haard, elektriciteit, water, goed water, telefoon, grote tuin, volgroeide tuin, diverse terrassen, patio, fruitbomen, oprit, off road parkeren, privé zwembad, kinderbad, satelliet-tv, ADSL, goede verhuur potentiële, zeer goede toegang, gedeeltelijk gemeubileerd, dicht bij scholen, platteland, niveau perceel, uitgeruste badkamer, dicht bij medische faciliteiten, deel gerenoveerd, afzonderlijke guest accommodation, bomen, volledige escritura, cosmetische werk nodig, historic area, dicht bij vliegveld, platteland views, open keuken, paddock, rustieke stijl, vrij op naam

3 Bed 1 bath Finca : Hondon de las Nieves
Town: Hondon de las Nieves
Price:€ 139,950
Bedrooms: 3
A country house (finca) for sale in Hondón de las Nieves, Alicante. In a lovely position with amazing mountain views this property has a 10000m2 plot and has mains electric and water connections. The property comprises of 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living room with fireplace, kitchen and porch. Just a few minutes drive to the town which offers all days to day services including restaurants, supermarkets, schools, medical centre etc. Within 10 mins drive you have the large town of Aspe, plus Alicante airport and beaches are within a 30min drive. buen estado, Alojamiento espacioso, propiedad con encanto, de carácter, cerca de todas las comodidades, salón comedor, cocina equipada, chimenea, electricidad, agua, teléfono, gran jardín, jardín maduro, terraza cubierta, terrazas soleadas, Aparcamiento de carretera, espacio para garaje, espacio para piscina, ADSL, buena carretera de acceso, sin amueblar, campo, baño completo, vistas a la montaña, cerca de instalaciones médicas, zona residencial, árboles, escritura completa, características tradicionales, zona histórica, pueblo tradicional, interior, vistas al campo, cerca de restaurantes, propiedad vitalicia guter Zustand, geräumige Unterkunft, charmante Liegenschaft, charaktervolle, nah an allen Annehmlichkeiten, Wohnzimmer, Essbereich, Einbauküche, Kamin, Strom, Wasser, Telefon, großer Garten, Reife Garten, überdachte Terrasse, Sonnenterrassen, Einstellplatz, Platz für garage, Platz für einen pool, ADSL, gute Straßenanbindung, unmöbliert, Landschaft, ausgestattetes Badezimmer, Blick auf die Berge, der Nähe von medizinischen Einrichtungen, Wohngebiet, Bäume, volle escritura, traditionellen Merkmale, Sehenswürdigkeiten, traditionelles Dorf, im Inland, Landschaft Ansichten, Nähe restaurants, Eigentums bon état, chambres spacieuses, charmante propriété, plein de caractère, proche de toutes commodités, salon salle à manger, cuisine équipée, cheminée, Electricité, eau, Téléphone, grand jardin, jardin mature, terrasse couverte, terrasses ensoleillées, hors stationnement route, espace de garage, espace pour piscine, ADSL, bon accès routier, non meublé, campagne, salle de bain équipée, vue sur la montagne, à proximité des installations médicales, quartier résidentiel, arbres, escritura complète, caractéristiques traditionnelles, quartier historique, village traditionnel, intérieur des terres, vue sur la campagne, restaurants à proximité, propriété foncière libre goede conditie, ruime accommodatie, charmante woning, charakter, dichtbij alle voorzieningen, Lounge eetruimte, inbouwkeuken, Open haard, elektriciteit, water, telefoon, grote tuin, volgroeide tuin, overdekt terras, zonnige terrassen, off road parkeren, ruimte voor garage, ruimte voor zwembad, ADSL, goede weg toegang, ongemeubileerde, platteland, uitgeruste badkamer, uitzicht op de bergen, dicht bij medische faciliteiten, woonwijk, bomen, volledige escritura, traditionele kenmerken, historic area, traditioneel dorp, binnenland, platteland views, dicht bij de restaurants, vrij op naam

3 Bed 1 bath Country House : Agost
Town: Agost
Price:€ 140,000
Bedrooms: 3
The property has 160m2 of living space, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, living room and kitchen. Large plot of 10.000m2 located in a very quiet area and with very good views. Only 3 kilometers from the village of Agost and 20 minutes from the beaches. Magnífica villa a un precio increíble situada en Agost.La propiedad cuenta con 160m2 de vivienda en una sola planta, 3 dormitorios, 1 baño, salón y cocina. Gran parcela de 10.000m2. Zona muy tranquila y con muy buenas vistas a sólo 3 kilómetros de la población de Agost y a 17 Km de las playas de Alicante y aeropuerto. La propriété a 160m2 de surface habitable, 3 chambres, 1 salle de bains, salon et cuisine.Grande parcelle de 10.000m2 située dans un quartier très calme et avec de très bonnes vues. À seulement 3 kilomètres du village d'Agost et à 20 minutes des plages.

4 Bed 1 bath Country House : Monforte del Cid
Town: Monforte del Cid
Price:€ 145,000
Bedrooms: 4
A very nice country house situated just 5mins drive out of the village of Monforte del Cid (a small town which offers all services). This detached property sits on a fully fenced plot of 10400m2 and has a spacious lounge with fireplace, four bedrooms and one bathroom. Outside it has a large covered South facing terrace that leads to the private swimming pool and BBQ area. The plot itself is landscaped with over 180 olive trees plus other fruits including lemons, oranges, almonds, etc. The property has a car port for four cars, small garage plus separate workshop. Good access via a tarmac road, the house has mains water and electric, plus superb views of the mountains and surrounding countryside. Just 5mins drive to the main Alicante ? Madrid motorway means that Alicante city and airport can be reached within 20mins. Casa de campo en buen estado situada en zona tranquila a 5 minutos del pueblo de Monforte del Cid con todos los servicios, con parcela de 10.400m2, árboles frutales como albaricoques, limonero, naranjos, almendros, palmitos, palmeras y olivos en producción, garaje para tractor, cubierta de parking hasta 4 vehículos, barbacoa, piscina privada, porche cubierto orientado al sur, vivienda de unos 90m2 distribuídos en cocina independiente, salón comedor con chimenea, baño, 4 dormitorios, trastero multiusos. Estupendas vistas del campo y las montañas. buen estado, bien presentado, Alojamiento espacioso, de carácter, afueras de la ciudad, zona tranquila, salón comedor, varias salas de la tienda, cocina equipada, aire acondicionado, chimenea, electricidad, agua, teléfono, gran jardín, jardín maduro, jardín pintoresco, terraza cubierta, barbacoa, árboles frutales, garaje, estacionamiento, Aparcamiento de carretera, piscina privada, muy buen acceso, amueblado, campo, parcela de nivel, baño completo, jardín & piscina views, cocina independiente, vistas a la montaña, árboles, escritura completa, zona histórica, pueblo tradicional, posible de Internet, dependencias, estilo rústico, Taller, rejas, propiedad vitalicia guter Zustand, gut präsentiert, geräumige Unterkunft, charaktervolle, Rande der Stadt, ruhige Lage, Wohnzimmer, Essbereich, verschiedene Abstellräume, Einbauküche, Klimaanlage, Kamin, Strom, Wasser, Telefon, großer Garten, Reife Garten, malerischen Garten, überdachte Terrasse, Grill, Obstbäume, Garage, Parkplatz, Einstellplatz, privater pool, sehr gute Anbindung, möbliert, Landschaft, ebenem Gartengrundstück, ausgestattetes Badezimmer, Garten & Schwimmbad mal gesehen, separate Küche, Blick auf die Berge, Bäume, volle escritura, Sehenswürdigkeiten, traditionelles Dorf, Internet möglich, Nebengebäude, rustikalen Stil, Workshop, Fenster, Eigentums bon état, bien présenté, chambres spacieuses, plein de caractère, périphérie de la ville, endroit calme, salon salle à manger, plusieurs salles de magasin, cuisine équipée, conditionnement d'air, cheminée, Electricité, eau, Téléphone, grand jardin, jardin mature, jardin pittoresque, terrasse couverte, barbecue, arbres fruitiers, garage, stationnement, hors stationnement route, piscine privée, très bon accès, meublé, campagne, au niveau terrain, salle de bain équipée, vue sur jardin & piscine, cuisine indépendante, vue sur la montagne, arbres, escritura complète, quartier historique, village traditionnel, possible de l'Internet, dépendances, style rustique, atelier, barres de fenêtre, propriété foncière libre goede conditie, goed gepresenteerd, ruime accommodatie, charakter, rand van de stad, rustige locatie, Lounge eetruimte, verschillende opslagruimte, inbouwkeuken, Air conditioning, Open haard, elektriciteit, water, telefoon, grote tuin, volgroeide tuin, schilderachtige tuin, overdekt terras, barbecue, fruitbomen, garage, parkeren, off road parkeren, privé zwembad, zeer goede toegang, ingericht, platteland, niveau perceel, uitgeruste badkamer, Tuin & zwembad uitzicht, aparte keuken, uitzicht op de bergen, bomen, volledige escritura, historic area, traditioneel dorp, Internet mogelijk, bijgebouwen, rustieke stijl, Workshop, venster bars, vrij op naam

5 Bed 2 bath Country House : Redovan
Town: Redovan
Price:€ 145,000
Bedrooms: 5
This remarkable country home is situated on a plot of 300m2, with above ground pool, garage and workshop, and is located in Redovan, Orihuela. This property consists of 5 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, a separate kitchen and lounge/diner, and is being sold furnished with air con and ceiling fans, for them warm summer months. This property also benefits from off road parking, plus a solarium with outstanding views of surrounding areas.

3 Bed 2 bath Country House : San Vicente
Town: San Vicente
Price:€ 147,000
Bedrooms: 3
on a single floor and located in the zone of Alcoraya, San Vicente, (Alicante).This urban property with 1600 m² plot and 110m² of housing. It is distributed on 1 floor with 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a large living room with fireplace, separate kitchen, with bright interior patio and large porch at the entrance with unobstructed views of the mountains. It has a private pool, parking area and storage rooms. Asphalt road to the same door with all connected services of light and water.There is a bus stop a few meters away and the advantage of having neighbors who live all year without losing the independence, peace and tranquility of being in the countryside.9,5 km from the airport, 10 km from the Golf Plantío, 13 km from the beaches.EXPENSES OF IBI (SUMA) ? 383.37 En una sóla planta orientada al Sureste y ubicada en la zona de Alcoraya, San Vicente, (Alicante).Esta finca urbana con 1600 m² de parcela y 110m² de vivienda. Se distribuye todo en una planta en 3 dormitorios, 2 baños, un gran salón comedor con chimenea, cocina independiente, con luminoso patio interior y gran porche en la entrada con vistas despejadas sobre las montañas. Dispone de piscina privada, zona de aparcamiento y trasteros. Carretera de asfalto hasta la misma puerta con todos los servicios conectados de luz y agua.Tiene parada de autobús a escasos metros y la ventaja de contar con vecinos que viven todo el año sin perder la independencia, paz y sosiego de estar en el campo. A 9,5 km del aeropuerto, a 10 km del Golf Plantío, a 13 km de las playas. GASTOS DE IBI (SUMA) 383,37?

1 Bed 1 bath Finca : Ondara
Town: Ondara
Price:€ 159,000
Bedrooms: 1
Small country house for reformation on a large, enclosed plot of 3000m2. The property is built on 1 level and comprises of: 1 bedroom, a living-dining room, a bathroom, a separate kitchen, covered terrace and a solarium. This property could be ideal for someone with livestock or an interest in agriculture. Pequeña casa de campo para reformar en una parcela grande y cerrada de 3000m2. La propiedad está construida en 1 nivel y consta de: 1 dormitorio, salón-comedor, 1 baño, cocina independiente, una terraza cubierta y un solarium. Esta propiedad podría ser ideal para un agricultor o alguien que trabaje con ganado. Kleines Landhaus zu Reformieren auf einem großen, geschlossenen Grundstück von 3000m2. Das Haus befindet sich auf 1 Ebene und besteht aus: 1 Schlafzimmer, Wohn- Esszimmer, Bad, separate Küche, überdachte Terrasse und Solarium. Das Haus könnte ideal sein für jemand mit Viehbestand oder ein Interesse in Landwirtschaft. Petite maison de campagne à réformer, située sur un grand terrain clos de 3000m2. La propriété est construite sur 1 seul étage et comprend: 1 chambre, un salon-salle à manger, une salle de bains, une cuisine séparée, une terrasse couverte et un solarium. Cette propriété pourrait être idéale pour une personne ayant du bétail ou un intérêt pour l'agriculture. Klein landhuis ter renovatie op een groot, gesloten terrein van 3000m2. Het huis is gebouwd op 1 verdieping en bestaat uit: 1 slaapkamer, een woon-eetkamer, een badkamer, een aparte keuken, overdekt terras en een solarium. Dit huis kan ideaal zijn voor iemand met vee of interesse in landbouw.

4 Bed 2 bath Country House : Redovan
Town: Redovan
Price:€ 170,500
Bedrooms: 4
This is a superb country property located in Redovan near Orihuela with all amenities close by. It offers 76m2 of living accommodation in the main house with two double bedrooms, a spacious lounge with an open fireplace, a large kitchen/diner and shower room. There are wooden ceilings throughout with beams. The villa also offers a very nice annex of 69m2 with two bedrooms and a separate bathroom. Outside there is a private 8x4 pool and beautiful views of the surrounding mountains

4 Bed 2 bath Country House : Albatera
Town: Albatera
Price:€ 180,000
Bedrooms: 4
Located in a quiet residential area is this 4 bedroom, 2 bathroom villa with stunning views and just a short drive from the town of Albatera. There is a living area of 152m2 including a large terrace with sun awnings creating further living space for relaxing or dining. Inside the property is a large lounge and dining area with a feature fireplace with log burner, a spacious kitchen with quality fixtures and fittings and a storage pantry. There are 4 double bedrooms all with fitted wardrobes and the master bedroom has an en-suite. The property also features a study area and a family bathroom. Set on a plot of over 4,000m2 with low maintenance, landscaped gardens and plenty of room for a pool, with a double garage with electric doors and stairs leading to a solarium. There are many extras included in the sale of the property: an electric gated entrance with CCTV and a state of the art alarm system, good quality furnishings and air conditioning

Finca La Murada
3 Bedroom Finca, La Murada
Town: La Murada
Price:€ 195,000
Bedrooms: 3
A stunning finca on an elevated plot with 360 degree views of the spectacular countryside.

3 Bed 1 bath Country House : Crevillente
Town: Crevillente
Price:€ 195,000
Bedrooms: 3
Country house with 157m2 housing, 3 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, large living room, kitchen, terrace and storage room located in the Crevillente area.It has a full guest house (with 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom, living room, kitchen and fireplace). Air conditioner. Irrigation water. Private pool. 30 minutes from Alicante, airport and beaches. Casa de campo con 157m2 de vivienda, 3 dormitorios, 1 baño, amplio salón, cocina, terraza y trastero situado en la localidad de Crevillente. Dispone de una casa de invitados completa (con 1 dormitorio, 1 baño, salón, cocina y chimenea). Aire acondicionado. Agua de riego. Piscina privada. A 30 minutos de Alicante, aeropuerto y playas. Maison de campagne avec un logement de 157m2, 3 chambres, 1 salle de bains, grand salon, cuisine, terrasse et débarras située dans la région de Crevillente.Il a une maison d'hôtes complète (avec 1 chambre, 1 salle de bains, salon, cuisine et cheminée). Climatisation. Eau d'irrigation. Piscine privée. A 30 minutes d'Alicante, de l'aéroport et des plages.

3 Bed 2 bath Country House : Crevillente
Town: Crevillente
Price:€ 199,000
Bedrooms: 3
Country house with 145m2 housing, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, living room, kitchen and terrace. Chimney. Private pool. Barbecue of 25m2. Good access by road. Great view. 20 minutes from Alicante, airport and beaches. Localizada en los alrededores de Crevillente esta Casa de campo cuenta con 145m2 de vivienda, 3 dormitorios, 2 baños, salón, cocina y terraza. Chimenea. Piscina privada. Barbacoa de 25m2. Buen acceso por carretera. Fantásticas vistas. Amueblado. A 19 Km de Alicante, aeropuerto y playas. Maison de campagne avec logement de 145m2, 3 chambres, 2 salles de bains, salon, cuisine et terrasse. Cheminée. Piscine privée. Barbecue de 25m2. Bon accès par la route. Superbe vue. 20 minutes d'Alicante, de l'aéroport et des plages.

4 Bed 1 bath Country House : Crevillente
Town: Crevillente
Price:€ 220,000
Bedrooms: 4
This lovely country home, on one level, has 4 double bedrooms (one is currently used as a separate dining room), a family bathroom with his and hers sinks, a large fitted kitchen with walk in pantry and space for dining, a spacious lounge with log burner, plus a large sun terrace which is partly glazed and overlooking the pool. The villa boasts wonderful mountain views and benefits from a 10x5 pool with tiled terraces and is completely enclosed by balustrades. There is a car port and an outbuilding currently used as a utility area and mature gardens.

2 Bed 1 bath Country House : Biar
Town: Biar
Price:€ 240,000
Bedrooms: 2
Large plot of 83.000m located in the area of Biar with almond, olive and pine trees. It is located on the edge of a paved road, just 5 km from the village of Biar with all its services. Ideal for breeding of horses or livestock farming . Own water birth. Light and water are at the foot of the plot. Very quiet area, very well connected and with excellent views. Plot of 4.000m2 annex with house of 2 bedrooms and 100m2 built.The beaches of Alicante and the Airport are only 35Km. Gran parcela de 83.000m situada en la zona de Biar con almendros, olivos y pinos. Se encuentra al pie de una carretera asfaltada a escasos 5 km del pueblo de Biar con todos sus servicios. Ideal para explotación agrícola y la cria de caballos o ganado en general. Nacimiento de agua propio. La luz y el agua se encuentran al pie de la trama. Zona muy tranquila, muy bien comunicada y con excelentes vistas. Parcela de 4.000m2 anexa con casa de 2 dormitorios y 100m2 construidos.Las playas de Alicante y el Aeropuerto se encuentran a escasos 35Km. Grande parcelle de 83 000 m située dans la région de Biar avec des amandiers, des oliviers et des pins. Il est situé au bord d'une route pavée, à seulement 5 km du village de Biar avec tous ses services. Idéal pour l'élevage de chevaux , etc. Naissance d'eau sur la propriété . La lumière et l'eau sont au pied de l'intrigue. Zone très calme, très bien reliée et avec d'excellentes vues. Parcelle de 4.000m2 annexe avec maison de 2 chambres et 100m2 construite.Les plages d'Alicante et de l'aéroport sont à seulement 35 km.

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